Achieve the drum sound of your dreams

Mixing drums? You're in for a treat

Drumatom version 2.2 and Drumatom Player version 1.2 NOW AVAILABLE!

Microphone bleed is the number one problem for any engineer who regularly records drums. It’s the biggest obstacle between producers and the sound of their dreams.

Drumatom enables engineers to reduce or completely eliminate drum leakage, in a way that no other hardware or software can do. For example, have you ever wished you could remove hihat leakage from the snare track? You can do that with Drumatom, not only during pauses but during exact snare hits as well. Drumatom also allows for natural leakage reduction in all close microphones, resulting in a natural and open sound. Even a subtle amount of the “Drumatom effect” can free up considerable amounts of headroom for the rest of your tracks.

Drumatom 2 performs 25-50% faster processing and offers major workflow improvements. That’s not all though! It's accompanied by drumatom player, the new accusonus plugin that brings leakage suppression inside the DAW.

Key features:

  • Achieve exceptional drum sound and fix poorly recorded drums
  • Polish your sound by performing deeper individual processing on drum tracks. For example, compress the snare track more aggressively, since there’s less or no hi-hat bleed
  • Create headroom for the rest of your mix: slightly reduce the leakage of your drumset while keeping a fully natural drum sound
  • Quickly achieve authentic results and preserve the micro-dynamics of the drummer's performance
  • Preserve low-level signals (such as ghost notes in a snare track) by filtering out bleed based on spectral content rather than amplitude

New in Drumatom 2:

  • 25-50% faster analysis (depending on the user’s setup)
  • Improved workflow
    • Create custom .dls files from multiple analysis sessions
    • Enhanced File Browser experience
    • Copy/paste control settings between tracks and groups
    • Drag'n'drop tracks between groups
    • Drag'n'drop groups to re-arrange positioning
    • Select multiple tracks/groups
    • Option to import track from group
  • Algorithm improvements
  • Optional drumatom player (plugin companion to the drumatom application) now available:
    • Allows for monitoring of drumatom processing inside the DAW session
    • Supports 16 mono outputs with individual controls for Focus, Fine Tune, Bypass, Output
    • All parameters automatable
    • Formats: VST, AU, AAX 64-bit

Drumatom version 2.2 and Drumatom Player version 1.2 NOW AVAILABLE!

Testimonials & press

george kollias
George Kollias

(Drummer, Drum Educator and Clinician) - Nile/George Kollias Project

Drumatom is what we were all expecting for years!!! Big drum sets and fast/complicated drum parts are not a problem to mix anymore - Loving it!!

Jens Bogren

Producer/Engineer (Opeth, Kreator, At The Gates, Amon Amarth, Millencolin, SymphonyX, Devin Townsend, Between The Buried and Me)

"I honestly did not believe this was possible, I mean not in any usable professional way. There are many gimmick softwares out there that sound horrifying, but Drumtom DO deliver and I can finally put my bellowed dBx902's to rest"


Producer/Engineer (Skindred, Lionel Richie, Manic Street Preachers, Page and Plant, Björk, Def Leppard, Dave Gahan)

“Drumatom is incredible! My days of using triggers to get rid of the Hi Hat and crashes are over. It's natural dynamics all the way!”

Chris Shaw picture
Chris Shaw

Producer/engineer (Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Goo Goo Dolls, Super Furry Animals, Wilco)

“I love drumatom. Just being able to get rid of cymbal and hi-hat bleed from the snare drum track is worth the price of admission alone. Now that many of my mix projects are coming from self produced bands, Drumatom is pretty essential for getting drum sounds quickly."

Emre Ramazanoglu picture
Emre Ramazanoglu

Composer/Producer/Engineer (Sia, Shakira, Alex Clare)

Drumatom is a truly magical tool! It enables me to process drums in ways I've never been able to before and this means I can go for more adventurous micing techniques as well as finish and deliver projects faster and better than ever before. It's an essential tool for me now.

"Drumatom is an incredible problem-solver for anyone working with real drums." 4.5/5
Greg Wurth

Producer / Engineer (Steve Vai)

"Drumatom is extremely intuitive and keeps your drums sounding natural. This is a game changer in software technology. It's a privilege to have it in my studio."

"Drumatom inspires to turn imaginative ideas into practice and that's so good"
Aaron Harris

Drummer / Producer / Mixing Engineer (Isis, Palms, Zozobra, Aloke Dutta, Pelican)

"A friend told me about Drumatom recently and I remember thinking it sounded too good to be true. I tried it for myself and all I could do was laugh. I couldn't believe how well it worked. It opens up huge possibilities. Being a drummer myself, I can honestly say that this is an invaluable drum mixing tool."

Pro Tools Expert Imabe
"In and out, it takes a second to get it all sorted and it delivers.. It's a no brainer."
"10 out 10 for achievement. A godsend for recording drummers and engineers."
Richard Chycki

Mixer / Engineer (Rush, Dream Theater, Aerosmith, Skillet)

"Drumatom is the ultimate tool for cleaning up live drums. If you're mixing live drums, you need Drumatom!"

Kurt Ballou

Producer / Mixing Engineer / Guitarist (Converge, High On Fire, Beastmilk, Skeletonwitch, Doomriders, Kvelertak)

"With Drumatom, the impossible is now possible. It's a total game changer. Thank you, Accusonus!"

Stephen Evetts

Producer (The Cure, Sepultura, Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicide Silence)

"Drumatom is an absolutely essential tool for anyone looking to add punch and clarity to their recorded drum performances.... A real game changer. Bravo guys!!!"

Fredrik Thordendal

Musician / Producer (Meshuggah, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects) Photo by Matias Gutierrez

"Wow! Unreal! 1.000.000 thumbs up!!!"

Jocke Skog

Musician / Producer (Feared, Clawfinger, The Haunted, After The Burial)

"Sometimes you find something that completely blows your mind and change the way you work forever. I can recall the first time I used a DAW, guitar simulator, and a digital mixing desk. I have another first and it's called Drumatom. I've changed the way I mix drums and I love it!"

Daniel Bergstrand

Producer / Mixing Engineer (Meshuggah, In Flames, Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad)

"I remember the days when we were joking about 'could someone please invent some sort of sound isolated laser, so we can get rid off that bloody hi-hat'....Looks like we´re there, but without the laser-hassles...Finally"