When we first demonstrated the alpha version of Drumatom, we found that we had a problem explaining what it's all about. Explaining a completely new type of processor can be difficult! Well, let's start with what Drumatom is NOT: Drumatom is not a noise gate or a drum replacement tool! Drumatom is a novel stand-alone application that can drastically reduce microphone leakage in drum recordings, based on patent-pending technology. In any case, your ears will do a much better job in deciding what it is. Please download the fully functional demo and listen for yourself!

Whether you call it microphone bleed, spill or leakage, it's a thing that sound engineers have learned to live with since the 60's, when multitrack recording technologies started spreading around the globe. It might not be an issue for most instruments, but as far as multichannel drum recordings are concerned, leakage is always there in every close-mic. Sound engineers go to great lengths to ensure that leakage is reduced, or turned into something “usable". Most of the times, a sound engineer has to resort to using a simple time-domain switch (a noise gate) or a drum replacement tool. Noise gates might not always work and when they do, they often mess with the signal's transients or eat away at the decaying portion. Drum replacement tools can be very helpful, but they are doing what they promise: they replace the drummer. Drumatom is a new option, one that gives you the opportunity to work with the sound that you so carefully recorded, helping you preserve the personal style of a human drummer combined with the unique sound of a well-tuned drum set.

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Drumatom protects the original timbre and microdynamics, preserves the harmonic and rhythmic details and will not mess with ghost notes and off-beat elements. We have carefully designed and tuned our technology, in order to preserve the authentic sound of the drummer as captured through the aesthetic lens of the sound engineer.
Drumatom enhances the dynamic range and significantly improves the headroom of your drum mix. By removing the unnecessary microphone leakage, you can tweak the original sound to match your needs, retaining clarity and definition.
Using the enhanced drumatom audio outputs, you can finally use your EQs and compressors the way you always wanted, without the limitations imposed by leakage. In addition, you can apply your favorite creative effects, such as delays, distortion, extreme dynamics and reverb to the original drum sound. Removing leakage from the equation can open up all sorts of unique creative avenues.
Drumatom eliminates the comb filtering effect, generated from the time-domain misalignment between different drum microphones. This drastically improves the timbre of the cymbals and the overhead mics. More punch and improved transient definition means better sounding drums.
You can notably improve the stereo image of your overhead and cymbals, by removing leakage from your close mics. You can even produce advanced multi-channel mixes that would otherwise be impossible.
GET FAST RESULTS In addition to the obvious advantages, getting great results from drumatom can speed up your mixing process in a variety of ways. Load up the processed tracks in your host of choice and move/copy/cut/paste slices of the recorded drums, without worrying about audible inconsistencies. Do you love your drum replacement software? Drumatom’s intelligent processing will clean up your drum sound and ensure that your drum replacement tool will detect the correct hits.
Drumatom offers superior drum sound in your live recordings, where microphone leakage is usually very intrusive. Our patent pending algorithm identifies the close microphone sound and reduces leakage from other instruments in the drum channels. Drumatom can assist an experienced engineer in getting quick, professional results out of a studio live recording or a gig.
Although drumatom can work hand-in-hand with drum replacement tools, it definitely reduces the need for their excessive use. This simply means that you are now able to produce your own personal drum sound, differentiating your productions from other recordings that use the same drum sample libraries.
The algorithm that fuels Drumatom’s engines may be extremely complex, but we went to great lengths to design a simple, uncluttered and intuitive user interface. The guts of drumatom are two simple knobs. They control the amount of leakage suppression and fine-tune the result. Everything is designed to save you some precious time; not add unnecessary complexity to your workflow!
How does it work? Drumatom is based on the patent pending A^3 (Advanced Audio Analysis) technology, the outcome of many years of R&D at Accusonus. The origins of A^3 technology can be broadly placed in the Blind Source Separation (BSS) family of techniques, using notions of artificial intelligence. However, A^3 is far more than that. Advanced principles of acoustics, signal processing, psychoacoustics and music theory are combined into an innovative unified framework. Stay tuned: we plan to implement our A^3 technology into a greater family of novel audio tools that will revolutionize your workflow.